Professional Interests


I received my BS in Mathematics from the University of Washington and my PhD in Mathematics from the University of Minnesota. My thesis advisor was Dennis Stanton, and my research area was (algebraic) combinatorics and orthogonal polynomials. I taught for many years in St. Olaf College's Mathematics Department before leaving academia to check out the corporate world. I spent a few years at Insightful Corporation in Seattle (now Tibco) where I learned about S+, a really cool statistics program. Now, I am a Professor in the Mathematics and Statistics Department at Carleton College where I have been especially interested in developing the statistics program.

Recent work


with Tim Hesterberg, Mathematical Statistics with Resampling and R
Third edition available in September 2022!

Recent publications
  • with Loy A. and Kuiper S., Supporting Data Science in the Statistics Curriculum Journal of Statistical Education, 2019, Vol. 27, Issue 1, pg. 2-11
  • with Nega, Smith, Jayaraman "Traffic Noise and People: Environmental inequities in Twin Cities, Minnesota" J. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment 19, 2013, pg. 601-619
  • with Katherine St. Clair, "Team-Based Learning for a Statistical Literacy Class" Journal of Statistics Education 20, 1, March 2012
  • with Phil Camill et al., "Early life history transitions and recruitment of Picea mariana in thawed boreal permafrost peatlands." Ecology 9, 2010, pg. 448-459
  • with Friedland, S., Niknejad, A., "A Simultaneous Reconstruction of Missing Data in DNA Microarrays", Linear Algebra and its Applications July 2006, Vol. 416, Issue 1, pg. 8-28
    Matlab code: m file
    R code: text file
  • with Snow, G. "S-PLUS Manual to accompany Moore and McCabe's Introduction to the Practice of Statistics," W. H. Freeman, 2003
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